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Guest Lecture: Why is Signal Processing the Science Behind our Digital Life?

To be delivered by

Professor Rabab Ward
President, IEEE Signal Processing Society, University of British Columbia, Canada.

Date: Tuesday, 20th December, 2016.
Time: 6 - 8 PM.
Venue: Caledonian College of Engineering, Conference Hall.


The talk will answer the question “why is signal processing the science behind our digital life ”. It will also discuss the role of the IEEE Signal Processing Society in realizing the incredible capabilities of signal processing. Signal Processing solves critical societal challenges by "enabling technologies for the generation, transformation, and interpretation of information” in a broad variety of disciplines (including healthcare, medicine, energy systems, sustainability, transportation, entertainment, education, communication, finance, collaboration, defense, and security). The talk will give an overview that reflects the richness, diversity and scope of signal processing. Short videos that address some of these subjects will be shown. Brief introductions to Brain Computer Interfaces and to Compressive Sensing will be presented as examples of the various applications and theories of signal processing.

The guest lecturer will also discuss the achievements and the challenges faced by the Signal Processing Society in engaging a broad pool of members, enhancing the value of the society to current members, raising awareness of signal processing and its important enabling role in solving societal challenges, and creating a culture of true partnership between academic and industrial signal processing communities.

About the Presenter

Rabab K. Ward  was born in Beirut Lebanon. She is presently the President of the IEEE Signal Processing Society, the fourth largest society in IEEE.  She is a professor emeritus in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at the University of British Columbia, UBC, where she was with the Vice-President Research Office as the natural sciences and engineering research coordinator from 2008 till 2014.  Dr. Ward’s research interests are mainly in the areas of signal, image, and video processing. She has made contributions in the areas of signal detection, encoding, compression, recognition and restoration, and their applications to TV, medical images( MRI, Mammography , Computed Tomography) infant cry signals and brain-computer interfaces. She has published over 180 refereed journal papers, 330 refereed conference papers and holds eight patents related to cable television, picture monitoring, measurement and noise reduction.  Applications of her work have been transferred to U.S. and Canadian industries.

Dr. Ward received many top awards including the IEEE Signal Processing Society top award “The Society Award”, British Columbia’s top engineering award “TheRA McLachlan Memorial Award”, the top award of the Confederation of University Faculty Association of BC,  the Career Achievement Award of CUFA BC, The Paradigm Shifter Award from The Society for Canadian Women in Science and Technology, British Columbia’s APEGBC top engineering award “The RA McLachlan Memorial Award”, UBC Killam Research Prize, UBC Killam Senior Mentoring Award, the YWCA Woman of Distinction Award, plus several best paper and other awards. 
Dr. Ward is Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, the IEEE, the Canadian Academy of Engineers and the Engineering Institute of Canada. She was the General Chair of IEEE ICIP 2000 and IEEE ICASSP 2013.

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