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Set in a valley beneath the stark panorama of the nearby foothills of the Oman Mountains, the University is a tasteful array of buildings designed with
arches and courtyards and constructed in white and pink sandstone in a manner that reflects traditional Omani and Islamic architecture.
Sultan Qaboos University is the realization of the promise announced by His. Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said during the 10th anniversary of Oman’s National Day in 1980. Construction started in 1982 and the first Sultan Qaboos University students were enrolled in 1986. In accordance with the

Royal Directives of His Majesty, The University commenced with five colleges; namely Medicine, Engineering, Agriculture, Education and Science. Furthermore, the College of Arts was established in 1987, following the College of Commerce and Economics which was developed in 1993. The College of Law joined the University in 2006 and finally the College of Nursing was established in 2008.

During the design period, the University landscaping was carefully considered and the original plantings have since become verdant gardens and flower beds. The plantings include species, native to Oman and other Gulf regions that grow and flourish in an arid environment. The landscaping provides shade from the sun, shelter against the wind, and splendid display of color from flowers and foliage throughout the year.
Altogether, the campus portrays the rich heritage of Oman and Islam while incorporating all the efficiencies of modern life. The result is an educational and living environment which is both functional and attractive.

To be internationally recognized for its high quality graduates, research and community service and to enhance its status as Oman's house of expertise.
Licensed taxi are painted in orange and white and do not use a meter. Taxis work on two bases: ‘engaged’ which means you take the taxi for your own ride until you arrive to your destination. This option is of course more expensive. The other base is known as ‘shared’ in which you can have other passengers riding the taxi with you which makes the fare cheaper.
Transportation such as buses are available and free inside the university campus. Free campus buses are painted in red and green. There are buses for male students and buses for female students.

The climate in Oman is characterized by two seasons: winter and summer. Winter normally starts in November and it lasts until end of February. Summer is between April and October when the weather is hot and humid. Mild weather is experienced on the mountains and in the Dhofar Region all year round, which also enjoys a regular monsoon season between June and October every year. An ideal time to visit Oman is between October and April with temperatures averaging between 25 and 35 degree Celsius during the day and between 17 and 19 degree Celsius in the evening. For the latest weather conditions visit

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