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The 8th IEEE GCC paper submission and review processes will be entirely performed electronically using EDAS as described below:

Authors who wish to participate in the conference need to register with the EDAS on-line submission system and then use it to submit their paper proposals.

Authors are invited to submit full length (six pages) papers.

Technical paper proposals will be reviewed, using the online review system, by experts selected by the conference Technical Program Committee for their demonstrated knowledge of relevant topics. The results of the review process will be posted on this website, and authors will also be notified by email. Review results will be ready by the "Acceptance notifications" date shown below.

Authors of accepted paper/s will prepare a final version of their paper/s and will submit it using EDAS. The version of the final paper will be substantially the same as the technical paper proposal but will take into account reviewers' comments. The final paper must be completed and submitted on or before the "Camera ready submission" deadline listed below.

The final version of an accepted paper will appear in the conference proceedings provided that at least one of the authors registered and the paper has been presented in the conference. This must be carried out on or before the "Registration" deadline shown below.

Submission of Tutorial/special sessions

Submission of full manuscript

Acceptance notification

Camera ready submission

July 15, 2014 August 30, 2014 (Deadline extended)

July 31, 2014 September 10, 2014 (Deadline extended)

November 15, 2014

December 15, 2014

The paper submission must be completed on or before the "Submission" deadlines. Papers should be formatted for standard A4 size paper using IEEE conference proceedings templates found on:

When you have your document file ready, gather the following information before entering the submission system: Document file, Name, affiliation, address, and e-mail address of each author. If you have EDAS account, then go to the conference paper submission page:

If you do not have an EDAS account, then create a new account by following the link:

When you submit your paper, you will be asked to enter the paper title, keywords, abstract text, subject category, and authors' contact information. You will also be asked to upload the file containing your paper. If all necessary information has been entered, the system will display a short message giving you the ID number of your paper. You will also receive an e-mail notification with the details of your submission. If you do not see the confirmation page after uploading your file, you may not have successfully completed your file upload. If you encounter trouble, please contact the conference contact persons listed below.

Please make sure that you put the conference name (8th IEEE GCC) and the paper number, assigned by the online submission system, on all correspondence. Additional inquiries regarding submission of papers should be directed to:

Prof. Hasan Al-Nashash, American University of Sharjah, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Prof. Mohamed Ould-Khaoua, Sultan Qaboos University, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.