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After 7 hours on technical knowledge, it is time to venture at Al-Rustaq.



The Wilayat of Rustaq is in the Western Hajar, in the south of the Batinah. Rustaq was once the capital of Oman, during the era of Imam Nasir bin Murshid al Ya'arubi. Rustaq fort, built four centuries prior to the dawn of Islam in Oman, is an imposing structure built on three levels, containing separate houses, an armory, a mosque and four towers. The tallest tower stands over 18.5m high and has a diameter of 6m.


Rustaq is an area of healing warm springs, the most notable being Ain al Kesfa. Its water runs at 45°C and is regarded as a cure for rheumatism and skin diseases due to its sulphur content.


Acquiring Knowledge

  Residents of Oman

You may have been to Rustaq before, but did not have the opportunity for a guided tour. You have seen landmarks and passed by without stopping at or acquiring historical knowledge. Well, it might happen that you may take a guest to Al-Rustaq and you need to be equipped with the right information.
You are welcome to Al-Rustaq, enjoying Rustaqi Halwa and dates.




Guests of Oman


It is an opportunity for our guests to acquire knowledge on Rustaq culture, history and nature. It is an opportunity to purchase Rustaqi souvenirs and enjoy Rustaqi hospitality in tasting Rustaqi Halwa (sweets) and dates.


Code of Dress:


Presentable and suits Oman Culture


Mobile communication and Internet


The region has adequate data network coverage.


Toilets and Refreshments

  Available on the road and at scheduled stops.

Date of Tour :


Wednesday – 04/02/2015, from 15:00 – 21:30


Tour Program:


Our route will be from Sultan Qaboos University (SQU) to Rustaq via Nakhal and back to Muscat via Al-Masanah.

  1. Bus(s) will leave Sultan Qaboos University at 15:00 and will take the road towards Nakhal. On the road between Barka and Nakhal, you will see old pools and water channels. Water used to flow from Nakhal to Barka to sustain natural habitat as well as for travelers.
  2. At 15:45, we will stop at Alwasit, where you will have refreshments and may purchase from local enterprise Omani products such as Halwa, honey, dry fish, rose water, oil, and walnuts.
  3. At 16:00, we will proceed to Rustaq and on the road will pass by fort of Nakhal.
  1. At 16:40, we will pass by the gate of Jabal Al-Akhdhar. Through One of the gates that Rustaq gets vegetables and fruits. Next to it is a deep water tunneled falaj, which supplies water to majority of Rustaq City. At this location, tourist guides will join us.
  1. 16:50, we will reach the castle of Rustaq. Guest will be split in groups of 20 with a tourist guide.
The castle:
    1. The castle was built before Islam. The castle was built like a ship, where the front of the ship is pointing to the sea and the back is to the mountains. On the back of the castle is Sony Mountain.
    2. Wind and Red towers and housing area were added by Al Yarubi Family
    3. New tower where the flag post is built by Al Busaidi family
    4. Outer wall is built by Al-Hinai family
  1. 18:00: we will complete castle tour and have dates and fresh hot Rustaqi halwa (you may buy). Also, you may buy Rustaqi souvenirs (mainly silver handcraft).
  2. 18:30: visit Al Kesfa hot spring

    Al Kesfa is 10 minutes from the castle. Rumors has it that is has healing power.

  1. 19:00: we leave Rustaq to Masanah Millennium Hotel. On the way we will pass by the Groom Horn, the northern gate of Rustaq.
  1. 19:30: we reach the hotel and have Dinner.
  2. 20:30: We head back to Muscat.
  3. 21:30: We reach Muscat and tour ends.

Program is prepared by :
Ahmed Al Mazrouy
Rustaq Tour Coordinator
Mobile : 99427001
Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Source of information [Wikipedia ]
More information in Arabic (معلومات عن الرستاق باللغة العربية)