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  e-learning in the modern world has become interactive, mobile, project based and available 24/7. Classes can be; full e-learning, blended e-learning and purely classroom classes. All of these are necessary to modern Universities. This talk will present a model of e-learning administration plan adopted by the University of Bahrain that caused a significant rise in the utilization rate of this new medium. The elements of success and the challenges faced will be discussed. The overall model, is sustainable, high quality and extremely ambitious.
Dr. Eshaa Mohamed Alkhalifa Primary Area: Cognitive Science (AI) Advisor to the president of University of Bahrain for e-learning and Information Technology. She is currently directly responsible for all activities of the Zain eLearning Center. She has a Bachelors in Computer Science, University of Bahrain, Kingdom of Bahrain, 1988, a Master’s in Artificial Intelligence, George Washington University, USA, 1990, Phd in Cognitive Science, University of Edinburgh, Scotland, 2004. Her main achievements include; supervising several major projects, editing three books, chairing a biannual IEEE conference and advising on a local and international level.