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Part 1: Power Quality: Concepts & Advantages

Electrical networks with poor Power Quality result in financial loss, environmental impacts and/or safety concerns. Poor Power Quality, when excessive, costs money. It leads amongst others to frequent failures of equipment, reduced lifetime of equipment, production losses, reduced safety levels of installations, increased carbon footprint, and non-compliance with utility regulations.



  • Key Elements of Poor Power Quality
  • Reactive Power
    • Advantages of power factor correction
    • Types of power factor correction
  • Harmonics
    • What are Harmonics?
    • Sources of harmonics
    • Influence of harmonics
  • Power System Study
  • Recommended practice

Part 2: Industrial applications of Active harmonic filters


Active filters can be applied to small, medium, or large industrial applications. In modern industrial applications, they are needed to solve the Power Quality problems caused by harmonics, load unbalance, and reactive power demand.



  • Working principles of active harmonic filters
  • Total harmonic distortion in voltage and current
  • ABB range of active harmonic filters
  • Redundancy feature
  • Filter rating parameters
  • Choose the active filters
  • Closed loop operation
  • Industrial application of active harmonic filters

Part 3: Reactive power Compensation in Medium voltage networks


Choosing the capacitor bank location in the network, fixed and switched reactive power compensation, and applications of medium voltage reactive power compensation.

  • Medium voltage capacitor units construction
  • Design of Metal Enclosed capacitor banks
  • Installation & Commissioning of Metal enclosed capacitor banks
  • Safety , interlock system
  • Arc containment technology
  • Metal enclosed capacitor banks in utility applications
  • Metal enclosed capacitor banks in industrial applications
  • Mohamed Garbaj (Marketing manager HV Components , ME . ABB), B.Sc. degree in Power Electrical Engineering
  • Steve McIntosh (General Manager - LPGM, ABB Australia Pty Limited)
Mohamed Garbaj – Bsc Power electrical engineering.
Marketing Manager HV Components – ME.
8 years with ABB in various positions.
Technical support in Power Quality solutions.
Steve McIntosh – BE Electrical (Power major).
ABB Power Product Division.
Sales and Marketing Manager HV Components.
15 Years with ABB in the Reactive compensation field,
Application engineering, Technical sales, Product development, Marketing, General management and Operations.