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Keynote Speakers

Address Speech: Leading Change.

Change is the very essence of the business leader’s job. It is a very complex process of Learning and Restructuring. Transforming the Emotional, the Intellectual and the Behavioral state of the Group. Uncertainty is the very engine of transformation in a business, a continuous source of new opportunities.

Keynote 1: The Interaction of Renewables and Demand Response in a Smart Grid.

Historically the electric power system has been designed and operated to provide a reliable supply of electricity at a lowest possible cost. This paradigm is now shifting due to the rising cost of fossil fuel and nuclear power stations, and the concern about global warming and climate change. As a result environmental sustainability and energy security are now becoming important considerations.

Keynote 2: Sustainable High Quality e-Learning Model.

E-learning in the modern world has become interactive, mobile, project based and available 24/7. Classes can be; full e-learning, blended e-learning and purely classroom classes. All of these are necessary to modern Universities. This talk will present a model of e-learning administration plan adopted by the University of Bahrain that caused a significant rise in the utilization rate of this new medium.

Special Talk: Smart Grid Technologies

For a hundred years, there has been no change in the basic structure of the electrical power grid. Experiences have shown that the hierarchical, centrally-controlled grid of the twentieth century is ill-suited to the needs of the twenty-first. To address the challenges of the existing power grid, the new concept of smart grid has emerged.

Dear friends and colleagues,

The 8th IEEE GCC conference and exhibition will be held from the 1st to 4th of February in Sultan Qaboos University, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman. The conference is organized through the collaboration of the IEEE Gulf Sections (Oman, UAE, KSA, Bahrain, Kuwait and Qatar), Oman Society of Engineers (OSE), and the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering at Sultan Qaboos University.

The theme of 8th IEEE GCC Conference is “Towards Smart Sustainable Solutions ” which is a symbolic reflection of the technological sustainable development occurring in the Gulf Region. It is indeed a reflection of the worldwide role of innovation in the ever-increasing sustainable applications of technology in industry and our daily life. The driver of such innovation is maximizing the opportunities gained through applying the advancement in electrical and computer technology in various industries. Such applications will safeguard the serene transition to a prosperous era of modern and sustainable ubiquitous technology. The conference offers an excellent opportunity for scientists, innovators, and engineers of the regional, governmental, scientific, business and technological community to interact, share experiences, and present their latest research with peers in a multidisciplinary engineering background.