Computer Chapter Organized a Webinar on Scientific Research Writing

The Computer Society Chapter, IEEE Oman Section, has organized a webinar on professional scientific writing using Overleaf (a LaTeX editor) on 28/02/2021 at 6:30 pm. Dr. Ramkumar, Chair, CS Chapter, welcomed the participants and introduced Dr. Ahmed Al Brashdi and Dr. Vinod Prasad.
Dr. Ahmed presented an overview of the Overleaf editor with the general structure of scientific writing, the commands of LaTeX and their usage in the document with various examples. Dr. Vinod introduced the math package and provided the scenario and samples of preparing a document with math symbols and formulas. He introduced the way of representing the algorithm in the research paper using LaTeX. Finally, Dr. Ahmed and Dr. Vinod answered the questions raised by the participants. Dr. Ramkumar concluded the webinar with a vote of thanks to the presenters and the participants.

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